Monday, September 21, 2009

A trip to the Zoo and Gardens

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo! You know what that means.....animal pictures!
Polar bear is giving us a nice smirk. Or is that a snarl?
Adorable baby giraffe, scratching it's foot!
Our favorite type of cow, the Scottish Highland.
Zebra, doing zebra things.
And who's this?? It's Red, in the window where he can see us when we're in the backyard!

And attached to the Zoo is the White River Botanical Garden. I found three new plants I'll be adding to my garden next year! The Garden has this great resource center where you can find information about ALL the plants that grow there so they helped me identify these two that weren't labeled.
Tasselflower won me over with its tall stems and adorable deep orange-red button-sized flowers. I like tall plants!

Burro's Tail Spurge was a plant I saw in the Zoo, not the gardens, but it form such lovely large clumps I knew I had to know what it was. In the spring, it has yellow flowers at the tips of the stalks. I LOVE succulents, especially larger varieties that are perennial here in central IL. However, Euphorbias are toxic so I'm going to save this one for when I turn the planter beside the house into a rock/cactus garden so that it will inaccessible to any animals in the yard.


  1. I love the Indy Zoo! :) Aren't the gardens beautiful??

  2. Looks like a great zoo. Great pictures.