Sunday, July 5, 2009

5K Fourth of July

Here's a post-5K pic from Saturday. I made Mike and I matching patriotic rosette pins that turned out so cute! I wore my "FREE" t-shirt from when Mike and I were part of a huge American flag made up of people in different colored shirts. They took our picture with a plane! That was nearly ten years ago!

You may notice I'm also wearing a medal! My time was 38.29 minutes. I got 1st in my age division and second walker overall. (but they didn't give out overall awards for walkers.)
Here's a tasty meal I ate today, all fresh from the garden! Corn bread pudding make with last year's sweet corn (ok, so it was fresh from the freezer, but it was fresh from the garden before that), purple and white carrots (steamed) and kale salad! Yum! The watermelon is from the store, I never have luck growing watermelons. I'm too stingy with the water so they always end up stunted.
And in not-so-health-conscious news, we decorated cookies for the shelter again! Red, white and blue for the fourth! Want to host your own cookie decorating party? Visit Drop In & Decorate for more info!
I delivered them on Friday, in time for enjoying on the fourth.
Some of them look like Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants.


  1. Those cookies and your dinner are wonderful...mmm... And congrats on your stats--well done! :o)

  2. I just saw your comment on Randi's blog about learning to do cartwheels. I recommend you going straight to the carwheel and skip the somersaults. Two totally different movements and the somersault could make you too dizzy.

    Be sure to stretch first and have fun trying!! I can still do them but I get a bit dizzy from the cartwheels AND my shirt always seems to flop around too much and my tummy is not in the same shape is was when I used to do them. KWIM?! :)

  3. Yeah! Good for you on the 5K!