Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wanna see my new outfits?

My splurge I mentioned last week, my new workout clothes!
And to top it off, I was at Walmart because ours is selling out their entire fabric stock at 75% off. What was back there next to the fabric? $3 workout shirts! So I picked up two new shirts to go with my new SportSkirt!

As seen on many fitness blogs, I have been trying my hand at making Green Monster smoothies. My first attempt was pretty terrible, I tried to make a pumpkin pie falvored smoothie with spinach in it. The spinach was NOT the problem, the whole pumpkin pie idea was. This one is strawberry banana and LOADS better! And just like everyone tells you, you can't taste the greens (kale and spinach here).
It's been hot here, and a nice, cold smoothie sure was tasty tonight!

I just found out that a Habitat for Humanity house is going to be built one street over and have contacted them about how to help out. I have signed up to bring lunch/snack to the crew. And I am planning a little craft project as well, more on that later!

On a completely unrelated note, I added a Follower button over there on the left so if you want to follow me via Blogger it is easier to sign up. :)


  1. Nice workout outfit - but spinach smoothies do not sound tastey at all! Strawberry or bananna sounds better!

  2. wow, wow and more wow!! Love exercise clothes! I've tried my hand at green smoothies as well and they aren't so bad.

    I can't believe you won one of the ice cream parties!! Good for you!

    AND you're such a good human to be helping Habitat like that.

    You rock!

  3. Great workout apparel! :-) I love purchasing new workout clothing!

    Good for you regarding Habitat! That's awesome!

    Have a great night!

  4. congrats on your win - that is so cool!! (pun intended).

    And, good for you for helping out. I hope a favor is returned to you somehow.

  5. Cool work out outfits, Jenna! Congrats on the ice cream party. It is good to know that somebody actually wins these things! I love that you are volunteering for Habitat, too. Have a happy week. Warmly, Cat

  6. Hmmm. I've avoided the whole green smoothie trend. . . but maybe I should try it. I've realized lately that I'm not eating anywhere near the number of veggies I should be.