Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Before I start this long post, check out this giveaway for Chobani yogurt. I just found it at a store locally and it literally made my day!

(Ok, so this is a few days late. I kept forgetting to upload my picture of my new workout gear!)

Start Weight: 215
Current Weight: 190
% lost overall: 11.63%

I am going to keep with the Monday weigh-ins despite the challenge being over! I got so used to checking in on Mondays that I just can't stop!

I am so bummed out that our Boot Camp instructor is moving and our class is canceled. I was starting to like the P. E.-type exercises and running. I am replacing it with at-home Boot Camp! I found this website with links to free workouts. Fitness magazine lets you customize your own workout routine, complete with videos (though I was not wholly impressed with this). And I started a run-walk plan a while ago but sort of quit so I am starting again with this one, Couch to 5K in 9 weeks, since I've heard really great things about it.

Since I didn't win the $400 prize from the Spring Fitness Challenge, I decided I deserved a prize of some sort. I got myself a new, PURPLE workout outfit! And I bought this skirt/capri combo online because it was 50% off! I've been wanting a workout skort/skirt/leggings type thing for a while (ok, ever since my Athleta catalog came) so I couldn't pass up this deal!

Here is my re-cap of my Spring Challenge results:

What did I do well?

*Banned myself from the elevator (and I'm still a stairs-only girl at work!)
*Started wearing a pedometer to quantify how much activity I was getting in each day (and attempt to get 8000 steps or more each day)
*Measured out my food until I had a good handle on what a normal portion of most things is
*Added more lower body strength training after reading the Biggest Loser books.
*Plan meals ahead and track calorie intake on Sparkpeople and also participated in the New You Bootcamp back in January which helped me develop some great habits.
*When eating out, used healthydiningfinder to make healthy choices
*Read Hungry Girl's books, the Biggest Loser books, and lots of cookbooks with lower calorie and lower fat recipes
*I don't eat after 8 pm. Snacks after 8 always tend to be cookies or chips or ice cream so I just don't eat after dinner.
What do I do instead of eat? Garden and if it's dark, I read (I got a stash of books at my neighborhood used bookstore) or work on a craft project. Busy hands are not eating hands!
*On vacation, I took full advantage of the awesome fitness facilities at our hotels! It kind of made me want a treadmill at my house. With a touchscreen tv and fans, of course.
*Upped my fruit and veggie intake to at least one of each per meal (lunch and dinner only). That is one of the SparkPeople New You Bootcamp challenges so I got in the habit early on.

Where did I make mistakes?

*Sugary sweets are my downfall-like the Easter pie and the "healthy" apple-berry crisp that I ate way too much of
*Not scheduling gym time at the start of some weeks so that I didn't get to the gym as often (now I write up a weekly plan at the beginning of each week)
*I need to plan snacks throughout the day since my meals are smaller now. I find myself getting a grumbly tummy before lunch so I need to have healthy snack options ready at work.

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  1. Great post today - wonderful that you have figured out the good and bad that you do, so you will foil yourself when you are not thoughtful about what goes into your mouth. Inspirational! Are you going to post a picture of you in a bathing suit at the start of your new eating plan??