Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of June updates

Over the weekend, I got to the last day of my 6 weeks and won the President's Active Lifestyle Award! (You have to be active at least 30 minutes 5 out of 7 days for 6 weeks.) Someone at work asked if I had cut my hair. Nope, just wearing a headband, the same one you can see in this picture. I made 6 of them (plus several for myself, of course) for the Hair Accessory Swap. I'm waiting with baited breath for everyone to get theirs in so we can see what all we got!Did I tell you I found nearly-new Brooks running shoes at a garage sale for $6!? I was in such need and there they were! I had to go back with socks so I could try them on and they are SO comfy, what a wish granted.Tonight I made Pink Purl's pesto tabbouleh, since she was so nice as to share her recipe. Wow, what flavors! I whipped up some spinach pesto in the blender with the last dregs of the spinach from the garden. I think bulgar is my new go-to grain, so fast and easy!
Here's another meal I gobbled up this week. A salad full of carrots from my garden, purple and white and orange ones! The lettuce and spinach are from the garden as well, only the onion is from the store. The main dish was an egg scramble with veggie italian sausage, tomato, fresh basil and cheese with crackers on the side. I'd thought about having it on a tortilla but when it came together, it was enough on it's own.And for breakfast one morning, I had oatmeal with almonds, dried cranberries and some Kashi granola (Cocoa Beach flavor) on top. YUM!

Next week is our last week of 4-H dog obedience class for this year. The show is on Friday, the 10th, so everyone is busy prepping their dogs and worrying over what will happen. I'm sure they will all do fine, we have a great group this year, just like last year!


  1. You are full of news and good cheer today! congrats on your achievement award, great headbands too! So cute!

  2. Mmm your food photos look good! Sadly my garden spinach has totally drowned in our terrible weather!

  3. Such a fun, happy post...well, most all of yours are Jenna! Congrats on your award--hooray! Really like those pretty headband--the pink polka dot one is calling my name. ;o) Such fun you made my pesto tabbouleh. I love how your made your own pesto--and with spinach, super idea. Your fad foodie photos are making me hungry--LOL! Happy Days...