Monday, June 8, 2009


Winnie, the delightful Corgi of Confessions of a Corgi, tagged us to talk about origin stories. I have loved reading everydog's stories! So here is Sully's.

Sully was adopted through the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club's rescue. It was a hard decision for me to get a dog because while we lived in a house, the backyard wasn't fenced in and we were renters so we couldn't fence it in ourselves. Mike isn't as big a worrier as I am so he convinced me we could make things work. And we did. We applied with the club and had an interview. We were prepared to wait since they match up Corgis as they come in with the family they thing they will be best with.

These are a couple of the very first pictures we ever saw of Sully. His foster mom emailed them to us, back when his name was Scrappy.

A few weeks later (faster than I had thought!), we were told that there was a Corgi they thought would be great for us. We had a phone interview with his foster mom, during which I probably asked more questions than she did. Was he housebroken? No one knew, probably not. Did they know anything about his history? Scrappy (his original name) had been surrendered in Wisconsin with a female Corgi, Stevie. From what the owner told them, they had been kept outside and were a breeding pair. Then we went up his foster mom's house to meet him. He was shy, but he did come sniff us and sat for petting when I sat on the ground with him. I could tell the dog I was seeing was not his true personality. How could a Corgi be so subdued and almost wary. Corgis are bold! Corgis are noisy and bossy and boisterous! But we could also tell that he was a genuinely sweet dog, and quite handsome!
This is our very first family portrait, taken the day we met him at his foster parents' house.

He came home with us that day, three years ago in April. His confidence has grown tenfold, he is bossy, he is boisterous but he is still, in general, the sweet, calm Corgi we met up North.
You can see he loves his dad so much that he likes to dress like him. :)


  1. Oh my! I love that shirt on him!! So cute.

  2. Hooray for LakeShore Corgi Rescue!!! And Hurray for YOU - adopting such a lovely corgi - and all the amazing things you have done with him to add excitement to his life! Of course you know that I am on their fostering list, and I donate to them with sales from my shop - there is no finer group to support in the world of dog rescues!!! Hip Hip - HOORAY!

  3. Aww cute story! I'm glad to hear they consider families that do not have fenced in yards, since we don't and I will probably want to rescue the next time around :) I'm so glad that you found Sully, he is so lucky to have you!

  4. what a wonderful story! I love the pic of him in the red shirt! Adorable!