Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Weigh-In, Holiday Edition

Start Weight: 215
Current Weight: 194
% lost overall: 9.767%

The verdict this week: no change. I am guessing by the fit of my clothes that it can be explained by the increase in strength training, those new muscles weigh pounds too. But hopefully they'll help me burn some more calories! We will find out just how much new muscle there is when I have my body composition measured at the gym at the end of the challenge.

This weekend, we grilled! I did LOTS of veggies (marinated in balsamic, honey and olive oil), delicious and good for several meals!YUM! I wasn't too sure about carrots on the grill but they are fabulous! I ate them the first night with a salad with beets. I ate till I was stuffed.
Then I made a fajita with them. Whole wheat tortilla, yogurt, fresh salsa and a little bit of cheddar cheese. YUM all over again!
My huge bowl of salsa, the reason I just planted 9 tomato plants and 3 jalapeno pepper plants in my now-weed-free garden (pictures to come). Every summer I become salsa obsessed, but this summer I am eating it with wheat ritz crackers or baked tortilla chips made with whole wheat tortillas. (instead of store-bought chips) :)
This nacho plate is baked tortilla triangles, fresh salsa, and Vegan Dad's nacho cheese recipe. I have to give the vegan cheese recipe a thumbs down. If you can or do eat real cheese, this is no substitute. But it was good to give it a try, otherwise I would still be wondering. As a vegetarian, I was looking for recipes to add nutritional yeast to my diet, which has important amino acids.
Kind of a boring picture, this salad has radishes from the garden. On the side is a pile of "fried" okra. Did you know breaded okra from the freezer has very little fat? Just bake it in a cookie sheet instead of frying it! Also this picture shows my little 100-calorie packs, this one is raisinettes.
And this was my big Memorial Day weekend dessert splurge! And it's not even a splurge! It's Hungry Girl's Double Trouble Chocolate Trifle made with fat free pudding, cool whip and vitatops. I just made a single serving for myself and it was SO good! Definitely making that again!


  1. Yummy food!

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  2. The food looks amazing!

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  4. Every thing looks so good!