Monday, April 20, 2009

Weigh-in Week Three!

Start Weight: 215
Current Weight: 204
% lost overall: 5.39%

So this week, I am so happy to be on VACATION!!! We are leaving for Colorado tomorrow and will be gone all week. I started my vacation on Saturday with a trip to the used bookstore to get some new reads for the week. I picked up The Lemon Jelly Cake, Anne of Green Gables, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Christy and the first in the Trixie Belden mysteries (The Secret of the Mansion).

I hope to do at least some of this reading on the treadmill at our hotel, of course! We'll also be packing in lots of walking in nature parks, factory tours (Hammond Candy and Celestial Seasonings Tea!) and shopping.

This week my secret weapon against cake and cookie cravings have been Vitatops. Yes, Hungry Girl's incessant propoganda for them got to me and I ordered a sampler of 20 and so far, they have all been delicious! This picture shows them in my frezer bin, as the secret to keeping them moist is to keep them frozen until you want to eat one, then microwave it in the wrapper to keep it nice and moist and tasty!

Those of you who are doing the Spring Fitness Challenge, I j saw another way you could win money for loosing weight! The 50 Million Pound Challenge sponsored by State Farm. $10,000 prizes!

And now, for pictures of food!
This is a nutrisystem meal (Pasta Primavera with Tofu) that Mike happened to pick up at BigLots. It was ok, but I don't think I'd eat it again. I added green beans, tropical fruit cup and, YES, a piece of coconut cream pie left over from Easter. And still made it under the day's calorie budget!
This is one of two Hungry Girl recipes I tried this week. This is her quesadilla recipe slightly modified as I didn't have any Laughing Cow cheese wedges so I just mixed all the other ingredients together (soy crumbles, cheddar cheese, sour cream (I used yogurt instead), taco seasoning and scallions) nuked it and then spread it on the tortilla. Pretty good. I had green beans, yogurt for dipping and fresh pineapple
This is the other recipe, these are her Lord of the Onion Rings made with FiberOne cereal coating. They were awesome! And gave me terrible onion breath. After eating this meal (yes, that is ONE SERVING of onion rings!) I was stuffed to the gills. I had them with a veggie burger (with sprouts, tomato and pickles), a dipping sauce made of light mayo, ketchup and season salt and margarita-flavored jello with pears in it. Yum! And too much food for sure. But not too many calories!
To start off our vacation, we had a quorn-fest! Quorn is a vegetarian meat alternative made from fungus grown in huge vats. We had Chik'n Patties in Friday night and then we made sloppy joes using Quorn grounds. Delicious! We ate them with peas and shake and bake potatoes! And I had a diet root beer, it is vacation after all!


  1. You are rocking the weight loss! I am doing weight watchers and out town is doing pounds off plainview.

    Have a good vacation!