Monday, April 13, 2009

Week Two Weigh-In

Start Weight: 215
Current Weight: 208
% lost: 3.37%

Easter pie! Ack! We had a nice, small family gathering at my sister's house and I tried to eat sensibly (and did pretty well). But I had to try the caramel-banana cream pie and then I had to have a taste of coconut cream pie too. And, well, since I didn't try it while I was there, she sent me home with a sample of chocolate pie. :)

No pretty pictures of food this week, I've been busy at lunches and have been eating not so photogenic microwave meals. But you can check on my daily calorie stats here at my Sparkpage.

Sully and I had a Rally trial this weekend. We got two QQs toward our ARCH title but just weren't in the ribbons. It was my fault, I have probably practiced rally with him a total of maybe 6 times since January. We've been working on our new obedience exercises like the dumbbell and go-outs and the broad jump. The exciting news is that there was a photographer at the trial so I will have some great new pictures of us competing!

4-H dog classes start tonight with orientation. Wish me luck, I have been experiencing mild anxiety about our move the dog training club's awesome indoor facility for the first time this year. My anxiety comes from the fact that some board members are happy we are there and some are less than enthusiastic. I don't like to step on anyone's toes or make people unhappy but it seems like there is always someone who will grumble and complain.


  1. You still lost! That's great. I was flat this week (week 2 is notoriously bad on diets) but was excited to have lost 1.5" off my waist since we started!

  2. Yeah, 2lbs a week is what you're supposed to aim for on a healthy weight loss program, so I'm very proud of you!

  3. Congrats on your progress. Women take longer to lose, and you lost a lot! I hope you get to share those competition photos with us.
    I tagged you to play a blog game called ONLY 8! Check out my blog to find out how to play!
    Warmly, Christiane