Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sully wanted to be sure I highlighted his progress too! After working on retrieve for a little over 6 weeks, Sully has gone from bumping the dumbbell with his nose for a treat to a complex chain of behaviors: picking it up from the floor about 1 foot away, bringing it to me, sitting in front of me and giving it to me. We had two minor setbacks, mainly my fault. I tried to skate by a step, touching the dumbbell while it's in his mouth but not taking it from him (step 18). We had to go back because it would instantly drop it the minute I moved my arms which is not good, a dropped dumbbell is a big no-no. Then we had a little extinction burst of dropping-dropping-dropping and Sully getting frustrated because it wasn't working and he couldn't figure out I wanted him to do! Now he will reliably hold it until I take it but he needs a larger bell size. When he picks it up off the ground, it's crooked in his mouth about half the time so we'll be ordering a new one.


  1. How sweet! :)

    Incidentally, I just found your "Barter Bunch" post from last December. Is this something you'd consider posting again? Maybe now that it's after Christmas more people would be interested..