Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fitness + vacation = ?

Did you know that (for the past week, anyway) I am in first place of the Fitness Challenge?! My goodness, I had no idea until I got home and read my message from Shawnee on my Sparkpage! Thanks for the heads-up, girl!

So, how did my fitness progress while on vacation? (and will I stay on top?) I tried very hard to stick with the plan. I started out by packing my own road snacks-reduced fat crackers packaged in plastic baggies each containing a single serving. (So I wouldn't eat the entire box while sitting there in the car) I also packed gummy fruit snacks and applesauce cups for sweet treats. My dear Vitatops had to stay home in the freezer, the only bad thing about them is they don't travel well since they get dry. At most meal stops while on the road, I had a veggie sub at Subway/Blimpie/Mr. Goodcents/etc. At our destinations, though, I had to have some splurges! First up was California Pizza Kitchen in Kansas City where I ate more slices than I should have of the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza.

When we got to Denver, we knew exactly where we were going to eat, Chef's Noodle House. I had the most tasty Spicy Sesame tofu with steamed rice and ate....way too much. (Are we seeing a pattern? Too much food!) It was actually so spicy, I burned the skin on the sides of my lips and I still have little scabs.

I had been saying all week that it was vacation and I was going to have a piece of cake just because! So I got my slice of oreo cream cake at Albertsons. (not at a restaurant because I think the portions are out of control at restaurants) You'll be surprised that I did not overdo it at the candy factory tour! I didn't even buy any chocolates by the pound! I bought a small bag of assorted hard candies, a Mitchell Sweet and a single chocolate caramel.

So, how did I do keeping up with exercise while riding in the car for hours each day? Both hotels we stayed at had fitness rooms (sweet touchscreen tv treadmills!) so on Tuesday and Thursday I walked over 2 miles and on Thursday I also had a treadmill breakthrough-I jogged! The gym was empty so I got out of my comfort zone of walking and jogged it up at 4.5 mph! And I liked it! Of course, the day of factory tours was also great exercise and great for my daily step count! I feel like I didn't gain any weight but I didn't loose any this week either. Which would be fine with me, it is vacation afterall and I took full advantage without going overboard!

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