Saturday, April 25, 2009

Colorado Corgi Mountain Dreams

Sully is generally a good traveler, he generally lays down and sleeps. But when the roads get rough (or construction forces you off into those rumble strips) and you are in the car for hours on end, he starts to quiver and shake and pant. The same behavior happens when there is a big thunderstorm. And for both instances, we give Sully his drops.

What are these drops? Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, made from flower and plant essences. A total hippie-dippie non-science that I would certainly never have believed would work at ALL. Which is why I can believe it. I never expected anything out of it, I expected to throw it away but each time I see it calm and sedate Sully during a troubling time, I'm glad I didn't. (I didn't buy it the first time, my mom gave it to me with a collection of other calming aids for dogs to try and see if anything could help him during storms. She said the Bach remedy had not worked for her dog, another reason I didn't expect it to help Sully.) If we're expecting a storm, I put the drops in his water bowl. But during acute attacks I drop around 4 or 5 drops straight onto his tongue and then give him a treat to mask the alcohol taste. No more shakes in the car, much less panting and less whining during storms.

So after picking up some drops at the Natural Grocers store, Sully had a pretty good time. He loves hotel beds and all the attention he gets where ever he goes!

This weekend, Sully and I will be taking a MUCH shorter trip to a nearby tracking seminar. It is two days but it's close enough that we will be driving home to sleep. I hope we learn a lot about getting started in tracking, it seems like such a good time for dogs! Anyone track with their dog?


  1. Do you think those drops would work for an Aussie who is basically calm, but goes out of his skin when he is left in a car for a few moments? He is okay while driving, but when we stop, he gets fearful and upset!

  2. My husband took a seminar once but it was really far from our house and it made it difficult to continue training. I think Corgis are really good at it though.