Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahhhh, relaxing

We are back from vacationing in Colorado. It was so nice to just put work in the back of my mind and think only about what exciting thing we were doing next! (I did check my work email while we were away but did not obsess so I'm quite proud of myself!) The only thought that plagued me a few times throughout the trip was that before we left, about a third of my tulips had popped open. I thought sure they would be long gone when we got back since they were all planted at the same time. To my surprise when we returned, all my tulips were open and showing their wonderful colors and shining at me as if to welcome me home!

This was my very first trip to see the Rockies. They were lovely and quite grand! We walked in Colorado Springs state park and learned about the geology of the area.

We went on a tour of Hammond's candy factory and learned all about how their hard candies are made. It seems like a really physically demanding job to mix and shape and lift the huge blobs of candy!

Sully was with us, of course! But we made a slight boo-boo by leaving his drops behind so he had a bit of a rough start in the car, making a frowny face at each bump and turn. (I'll write more about his drops later but they are Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, something I surely wouldn't ever try if I hadn't seen how they help him with my own eyes.) When we got to out hotel, we looked up the closest natural foods store and got a new bottle of drops and he was right as rain.

We also toured the Celestial Seasonings tea factory. WOW! You can sample every SINGLE tea (around 100 I think) they make there in the tasting center. I tried so many, hot and iced! Acai Mango Zinger, Madarin Orange Spice, Cranberry Pomegranate, Tropical Grapefruit, Chocolate Raspberry Bliss, Madagascar Vanilla Red Rooibos, so many teas! And I found the tea of my dreams, a hard-to-find dessert tea flavor called Almond Sunset.
Those familiar with this brand of tea with recognize this as one of the pieces of artwork they have commissioned for each box. They have TONS of the artwork on display.

It was a fun trip with lots to do and see. And it's great to be back in blustery IL after a trip through the blustery Plains states.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! So...tell us about the rescue drops???