Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swap Round-up!

So, as the writer of the SwapDex, you can imagine I participate in my fair share of swaps! But would you be able to tell it from my blog? I usually add the swap button down there in the right column but I am so bad about posting when I receive swaps. I always thank my partner but I seldom get pictures taken of my wonderful packages or post on here to flaunt all my goodies. So here are the past few swaps I have done!

The one I JUST got in the mail was the envelope for Howling Hill's Seed Swap. It is bursting with great seeds!! I picked out some Brussels Sprouts, Butterhead lettuce, false indigo, cucumbers (lemon and a few marketmore76) and zucchini. I put in my specialty, pumpkins and squash! I made up packets of Blue Moon pumpkins, Rouge deTampes pumpkins (Cinderella pumpkins), white pumpkins, Gold Nugget squash, my special variety packs of miniature decorative gourds, and Moon and Stars watermelons. Now to mail the envelope on to the next in line, Mindy, to pick her favorites!

I did a great private Corgi-themed swap with Classy Chassy! I made her a custom Corgi saddle set in girl colors. Here's Sully modeling it.

And even better, here is the recipient wearing it!

And she sent me some of the wonderful papergoods from her Etsy shop, all with Corgis on them! Recipe cards, note cards and she even threw in a magnet!

I was in Heidi's Winter Basics and Baubles swap. My partner, April, sent me the greatest package full of kitchen goodies and awesome jewelry!

A big thank you to all my partners/swap participants! I love swapping and it's a great day when a package comes in the mail!


  1. Say, I just sent you a pic of your fairy saddle on my corgi - thought you'd post it here!!! Sully looks darling in pink! But it's really a GIRL color...we won't tell him! Thanks for the swap!

  2. I checked out Sully's profile on Dogster, and here were his facts listed -
    Here are my 7 facts:
    1. I am originally from Wisconsin.
    2. I am named after a Deli that my parents stopped at on the day they adopted me.
    3. I sleep in a crate.
    4. I love kittens and always try to kiss them on my walks.
    5. I am missing two of my front teeth. (I had them taken out because they were broken when I was adopted.)
    6. I love chasing squirrels. And bunnies
    7. I sneeze when I'm excited.

    At first, I thought it was about the OWNER!!! How odd....!

  3. A seed swap sounds fun! How did you spend your birthday? (Sorry I didn't ask before this!)

  4. Thanks for participating in the swap. Where are the seeds heading to next (please provide a link to that person).

    I hope you had a happy birthday!