Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sully's new lesson plan

What has Sully been up to lately? That's the question my mom always asks because she loves her little grand-dog. (She considers him a big dog though, since she has tiny little chihuahuas and yorkies.) Well, Sully is starting a new chapter in training, retrieve training! He had his full dental scaling last month and with a healthy mouth and a clean bill of health, he was ready to start training for the formal obedience retrieves using a dumbbell.

We are using Shirley Chong's clicker retrieve method. In these pictures, you see Sully picking up the dumbbell to about knee level. We have been working for about 2 weeks and are on Step 19 of the 29-step process. Pretty good progress if I do say so myself.

If you're not up on AKC obedience, there are a couple of retrieves dogs are required to preform in the Open class. One is on the flat (dumbbell is thrown on flat ground and dog retrieves it) and one is over a high jump (the dog must jump the jump on the way to the dumbbell, pick it up and carry it back over the jump).

Sully gets very excited when he sees me pull out the dumbbell, which, is an excellent response! He picks it up at the bit (middle part) without touching the bells (the end pieces) and drops it when he hears the clicker (which is what he is supposed to do at this point).

Just thought you might like to know what Sully's up to these days. :)


  1. Sully's so pretty! Looks just like my Violet! Love thos black-headed tri's!!!

  2. So, Sully models, and Sully retrieves as well! Pretty smart Pooch, if ya ask me!

  3. Beautiful Sully has our attention. Thank you for the helpful link and great information.

  4. Sully looks so cute!! good for you for working with him to do things like that; I'm so undisciplined and I know Koda would respond to training, but.........its me......need to do that......

    thanks for the thank you note :)


  5. Sully is so smart!
    Gingerbean? Well...she barks alot.

  6. Good boy Sully! That looks intense! Very disciplined on your part :)

  7. Sully is a fast learner! No doubt because he has a great teacher. I'm interested in seeing a dog perform a retrieve now, especially the high jump one. I wonder if I can find something on You Tube...

  8. Sully is very cute....Thank you for informative post..