Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

I know that because it was windier than the dickens today and now it is raining! What do we do in spring? Garden! I got this assortment of 50 sedum cuttings from The Garden Sage for the bargain price of $15! They all arrived healthy and happy and should root right up and wouldn't you just know, she sent more than 50!

At the same time, I bought this awesome turkey pattern from a different seller. For those who don't know, I collect turkies and try to make at least one new one every year. This year, it'll be plastic canvas!

Also in spring I reflect on fitness and health. I had my yearly check-up today and as usual, my blood pressure is a little too high. So I have joined A Feathered Nest's Spring Fitness Challenge! Combine that with our local community's fitness walking program called Moonwalk and if everything goes as planned I am going to up my physical activity by at least 500%! This is a picture of my lunch today because it was just so pretty!

And spring also brings plans for craft projects. Gotta start now on all those things to exhibit at the fair! Last year I was pleased to win 1st prize in the doily category, an honor I had been honing my doily skills for several years to attain. This year the doily I will be making is called winsome scrolls:
But I am having the hardest time finding the thread for it! I need size 40 and the smallest anyone around here has is size 30! So I'll probably have to buy it online. Poo on paying for shipping.


  1. You are certainly in the mood for spring! Got you a passle of projects going - it's good for the soul!

  2. May I say once again, RE: the doily: "Holy crap lady!"

  3. You know I'm not usually a doily fan because they're all so floral and frilly (not really my thing). But this scroll pattern is charming. You're sure to win again.

  4. Oh good, you're in the Challenge, too. We'll have to check in occasionally - I need help to stay on task.

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