Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge 2009

For the next couple of months, I will be tracking my participation in two fitness programs!

A Feathered Nest's Spring Fitness Challenge
March 30 to June 1
My goals are to add more whole grains, reduce overall calories, attend a class at the gym at least twice a week and track both my exercise and food choices using SparkPeople.

Here are my stats to start:
weight-215 lbs
% body fat-36.7

Our local community's Moon Walk 2009
April 3 to June 12
I am our team's captain (mostly people from work) and my goals are to completely refrain from using our elevator at work (I am on the 5th floor) and get at least 8000 steps each and every day.

I will be featuring pictures of some of my healthy meals to give you ideas and also remind myself just how beautiful and appetizing healthy food can look.

Pumpkin Black Bean soup (from the soup swap, it's been in my freezer!), a sandwich made with flax oat bread with 2 slices of vegetarian bacon, whole grain pita chips, baby carrots with a little salsa and yogurt and half a Chunky chocolate bar.

Spinach penne bake made with low fat cottage cheese and 2% mozzarella (I admit the pasta is not whole wheat because I still don't think they've gotten the high fiber pasta to a science yet, I'm not really a fan.), mixed veggies on top, a few baby carrots and a fruit cup

Pine nut couscous, whole wheat pita chips and hummus, mixed veggies, green seedless grapes and a glass of 1% milk. (I usually drink water with my meals but I just can't leave a section of these divided trays empty! So I added the milk, which was Mike's idea since I was lacking dairy in this meal.)

Bean and cheese enchilada (fat free refried beans and lots of veggies sneaked in. My trick for this one is that I made ONLY 4 so that I didn't overeat, I had one this meal and one for later. And two for Mike so we're even.) spanish rice made with brown rice, baby carrots and a kiwi cut up.

My tip for today is to make your own 100 calorie packs of treats you just can't do without! These are baggies of M&Ms, tied with pretty ribbon so it's a treat to get one! It's like a party favor. These aren't for everyday, but for when you want a treat, they are handy and hopefully more easy to reach than stopping at the store for ice cream or a doughnut!

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  1. Good luck, I'm sure you're going to look great! The meals look so delicious. Black bean soup is one of my all time faves. Do you have any flavored pastas available? I'm a total whole wheat nut but I also like the spinach pasta. SO good!