Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goings on.

Part of my birthday present was to get a dying tree removed from the backyard (and another from the side yard and a few other trimmed). Here is a picture of the carnage from the office window. You can see the stump of the tree removed and all the limbs of the tree in the foreground that have been trimmed.
We did some furniture rearranging and this cabinet came from the living room (where it held all sorts of treasures and junk) to the craft room where it holds fabric!
I just had to show you this! We had another Drop In & Decorate cookie event at work (our cookies are donated to the local men's shelter/soup kitchen) and a coworked who can never make it to the actual event but still wants to participate made this awesome cake!! Doesn't it look great surrounded by all those colorful cookies?