Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garden Plans

I have big plans this year! My garden has nearly quadrupled in size! Last year I didn't have much time to plan and execute my garden because there was an old shed sitting where I wanted to garden and I had to wait for it to be removed. This year, I'm ready! I've amassed seeds from two seeds swaps and various catalogs for all my favorite veggies. Last fall, I tilled and all that's left is to rake in some fertilizer and compost! I've signed up for PlanGarden, a vegetable garden planning program and so far, I think it's great! You can track you start dates, planting dates, harvests and such. You can see my garden plan here:
My Garden Design

The herb garden to the right is a new bed that surrounds a dying tree that will be removed soon. That should give more light to the garden and the stump will be a nice place to put a big pot of showy flowers!


  1. I love that site! Last year I went from a small garden to one four times bigger. At first I was super overwhelmed but I took it one day (for 30 minutes) at a time. I don't know what I did without it before. I love it!

  2. Very nice! I would like to put up just a simple row of raspberry canes, and have checked into having it tilled up. It's only about 10 ft. long in size, but I want the brambles contained, not how they are in the rest of our woods! I'm tired of getting skin tears and cuts, and they are pretty easy to manage once you get them supported!