Monday, March 30, 2009

Tagged! and Awarded!

Quite a long time ago Cathy of The Christmas Corgi tagged me to share 7 random facts about myself. One of my 7 things could be that I am very terrible at this kind of thing, I never know what to say, but here goes.

1- I am very swayed by advertising. I love trying new products so whenever I see a commercial for a new cereal or cleaning product or whatever, I'll probably buy it. Right now I am really wanting a Mantis tiller and maybe a Neuton electric mower. And yes, I own a Snuggie. (2 actually because you buy one, get one free.)

2- I went through a phase as a kid where all I wanted in the whole world was a pot-bellied pig. My room was pig themed, with pig wall paper border, pig stenciled on my window shade, pig candles, and lots of stuffed pig toys!

3- I absolutely love Zicam! I am sold on the stuff! Mike recently had a horrendous cold and as soon as I felt myself getting it, I ran to the IGA and bought me some swaps. By now, I should have been sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and taking naps most of the day but I am mostly fine with just a mild case of post-nasal drip. I love you, Zicam!

4- Once I have mastered something to my own satisfaction, I usually hate doing is again. This can be anything from crafting to gardening to cooking to exercise. It i always a challenge to come up with new goals for myself so that I press on and don't just quit at whatever level I am comfortable at. That's why this year I am starting my own herbs from seed (a new option for me), making it a goal to visit several parks around town with the dog (instead of just settling for the ones nearby) and increasing my level of difficulty on several crafts (including crochet and quilting).

5- I just cashed my first BlogHer check!

6- I need a haircut! I just need to decide how short!

7- I wish it was the norm to wear empire waist gowns a la Jane Austen. And a long flowing cape with hood when the weather was damp. And a bonnet!

Since this was passed on to me by a Corgi blogger, I'm going to pass this on to all the Corgi Bloggers I read:

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Also, my buddy Shawna awarded me! She bestowed upon me the Excellence in Blogcasting Award.

The rules with this award are to do the following:
1) Post the award on my blog
2) Pass it on to some friends, up to 15
3) I have to let them know they've received the award.

This one I am giving to all the relatively new-to-me blogs that I just starting reading in the past couple of months. I love finding new blogs, my Bloglines are a constant rotating parade of fun reads!

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  1. Why do you want an electric mower? You don't even mow the lawn! Heck, I'd settle for a large wheel mower, or a flat yard. :)