Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Doll Show and Tell

fridge and sink
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Oh dear. Sometimes days just don't go as we planned. I had planned an outdoor photo shoot with my two girls but wouldn't you know today was dreary and gloomy and no good. You see, today is the day of Faerie Window's Dolly Day. We were all to show off our dolls and I have to show you old pictures, how dreary, just like the day is today.

So here is a past picture of Astrid showing off her fridge and sink, so cute! Astrid is a Fisher Price My Friend Doll, a Jenny to be precise. I have two Jenny dolls, one's name is....Jenny! And this is Astrid. Jenny is a very simple girl, she likes plain dresses, aprons, leggings and solid colors. Astrid has green highlights in her hair and likes loud patterns, colorful shoes and lots of jewelry and ribbons! Jenny is my original My Friend Doll that I got for my 2nd birthday.

Astrid was an ebay purchase and what I really wanted from the lot she was in were the Fisher Price My Friend Doll clothes patterns that you used to be able to buy at the toy store. Now I can make them all sorts of new outfits and swap them with friends! But I'm glad I got another doll with the package deal because they both have VERY different personalities and it gives me an excuse to make all types of clothes for them!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tune in.

This Friday, the Oprah show will be about puppy mills. Thanks to a billboard placed by Main Line Animal Rescue of Pennsylvania, this topic is getting some greatly-needed mainstream media attention. (Lancaster county, Pennsylvania has the highest concentration of puppy mills of any county in the US, but Missouri has more then any other state.) If you know of someone in the market for a puppy (and are worried they may be tempted by an online puppy or a pet store) suggest they tune in on Friday for the whole story.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Corgi fix for the day

Staged photo
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Here's your tri-color corgi fix for the day. I LOVE moss and Sully is in one of my favorites parts of the new house, the moss brick courtyard outside the back door. We met with a landscape person yesterday and have formulated a plan for spring which includes taking out a tree, removing a shed and replacing it with a vegetable garden and pruning back some hedges quite a bit to give them a more sculptural feel. Sully's favorite part of the new yard is the LARGE open space to frap and chase tennis balls. He's not very fond of the walnut tree or all the walnuts underneath it, hard to walk for little legs when there are round things all over the ground!