Wednesday, December 26, 2007

eBay Fever

If you're a friend of mine on flickr, you're probably getting very tired of seeing pictures of My Little Ponies. I've had several photo shoots with the little plastic horses, giving them baths, doing up their hair and making them look pretty. And it's all because I've got eBay fever! I've had boxes of My Little Ponies and Breyer horses in the basement for years, only displaying my very favorites because of limited space. (And because I don't want to be known as the crazy lady with toys all over her house but no kids.) So when we began our frugal living kick (in preparation for home-ownership) I thought why not sell off some of the excess and make a few dollars! I've made nearly $400 so far both on eBay and private sales, not too shabby! And I get to do one of my favorite things:clean up and style ponies! My plan is to continue to pick them up at garage sales, clean then up and sell them to collectors. So if you're into My Little Ponies or Breyers, I may just have something you'd like to have!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drop In & Decorate

Cookies from work
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Our Drop In & Decorate party at work went so well! Our goal was 100 cookies and we decorated over 150! We also collected canned goods, washcloths, soap, toothpaste and my dentist donated 2 dozen toothbrushes! Lynda made a giant pan of her wonderful fudge to add to the cookie trays and we had about 10 people drop in and help decorate the most gorgeous cookies!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Continued drama

My dad is having surgery on a tear in his eye tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes well, they are worried it would turn into a detached retina, which my friend Tom had happen this past year and it was debilitating and quite frightening. Luckily he (Tom) had had it happen before as a kid so he knew exactly what was happening and went to the hospital ASAP. Minutes can mean the difference between keeping or loosing your eye site.

Back after a harrowing few weeks

I have been away from the blog for a few days (ok, more than a few). But my, do I have stories now!

I was in a car accident a week or so ago. My cute (new!) Yaris was rear ended by a large truck and was totaled, but luckily both the driver of the truck and I were fine. While his insurance was very nice to deal with mostly, it was a headache having to call so many people (his insurance, the repair place, our insurance, car dealer) and the stress of only having one car for a week. I wanted a new Yaris just like my old one so that it is just like it never happened and that's exactly what I got. Except that my old one (if you can call 6 months old) was a 2007 and my new on is a 2008! It all worked out, I got cookies at the car dealer just like last time, there are a few new features on the 2008 and I am just so thankful I wasn't injured.

The inspection on the house turned up some more serious issues that the seller was not willing to deal with so we ended up walking away. We are back to square one but have some prospects that we are going to go tour this weekend. Everything was just piling up with the fixer-upper, too much fixing-up and not enough redeeming qualities. That was also a headache though, arranging all the estimates, batting figures back and fourth with the seller and finally coming to a decision to say goodbye.

My cookie exchange got ice-stormed on but a few people still showed up! We had all kinds of cookies, chocolate crinkles, peanut butter blossoms with kisses on them (classic!), soft ginger cookies, triple chocolate chunk cookies, Russian tea cakes, chocolate chip bars and rice kripsy treats! At least, those are the ones I can remember!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

House Update

We did it, we bought the house. Our inspection is tomorrow so barring anything terribly wrong with the wiring or foundation or something like that, we will close at the end of the month! Then the real work begins! Choosing flooring, paint colors, trim, cabinet hardware and all those fun things!

This weekend is my annual cookie exchange. I think the group will be pretty small this year, everyone seems to be out of town this weekend. But small is good, it means less food to make and less chairs to pull out and less stress! I wasn't really in the holiday mood and wasn't really sure if I'd get the house decorated in time for Saturday but last night I put up Christmas lights and watched Elf and it really perked my Christmas spirit! So tonight is wrapping presents and putting up the tree! Cocoa, here I come!