Monday, July 30, 2007


Yes, I realize I'm a little behind the trend of making yourself into a Simpson's character. But we did just see the movie so I felt compelled to post my yellow version of me. Complete with pink shoes (Pink converse which I wear to work at least once a week). Except I only wish my hair looked that good. I need a new cut but my stylist moved last month and I haven't found the gumption to search for a new one.

On the SwapDex front, I have almost 70 entries and am happy to report mostly happy comments from swap hosts. I did have someone unhappy that I had posted information without their permission since they were not equipped to handle large volumes of participants. That I can respect so I took their info down. But I found it an interesting argument that if I didn't have permission, I couldn't post their info. I email everyone just to make sure it's ok by them but I'm pretty sure I'm under no obligation to because linking is covered by free-speech, no? It got me to thinking so I researched it and couldn't come up with a definite answer. Not that I'm arguing with anyone, if they don't want their info posted, I won't post it. But it's an interesting web-philosophy/legal question to ponder.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doily improvements

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I LOVE the county fair. Yes, the funnel cakes are nice and the sound of tractor pulls and farm animals in the distance are a comfort to this country girl. But what I really love is the old-fashioned competition! I was in 4-H for years and every summer would round up my projects and take them to our 4-H competition. The county fair lets me continue to do that every summer! I enjoy the the preparation, working hard on a few projects to make them my best work, checking them in at the fair, seeing what the competition looks like. And then the anticipation of waiting for the judging! Fantastic excitement!

This year I took 5 projects:
Craft made with recyclables (wire candle lantern)- 1st place
Doily-2nd place
Quilted wallhanging (of a corgi, of course!)- 4th place
Dog biscuits-nothing
Knit accessory (fingerless gloves)-nothing

The wall hanging will be donated this fall to the Corgi-Aid auction at our corgi show. So I kind of rushed getting it done so I could take it to the fair. I am most proud of the awesome doily because it got second place and the first place doily was very intricate and won Champion. So it was beaten by the best.
Dog biscuits

Sink or Swim

This summer, I am taking swim lessons. Adult swim lessons. In a group, which I thought was going to be really intimidating but it's actually really nice to have others in the same situation cheering you on.

I am not afraid of water, I just didn't know the correct strokes and form, breathing, etc. (I failed swim lessons at the YMCA when I was 9, mainly because I was a chatty kathy and didn't pay attention.) I wanted to learn swimming so I can add another exercise option for the summer.

After a childhood of hating gym/sports because I was overweight, I now love being active! Thanks to my husband, I grew more comfortable with myself and started going to the gym. I love group classes and take Yoga, Zumba, and aerobics. But I thought swimming would be a good change of pace and it might be nice to get out of the gym once in a while. Especially since my left knee has been bothering me and my mom has had both knees replaced due to arthritis. I know what's coming. In the past three years, I've managed steady weight loss simply by doing what I enjoy. Hopefully that will help keep the creaks away for a bit longer.

Our Furry Child

shirted sully
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The corgi in CorgiPants is Sully, our furry son. Yes, I know he's a dog. And we do treat him like a dog when it's important to. But it's easy to treat such a well-mannered, gentle dog like a furry little kid. He gets a cookie at bedtime, has a boatload of toys, goes on vacation with us and is in general one of the most pampered corgis you're likely to meet. He deserves it, not only because he is a gentleman but because he spent three years of his life in less-than-ideal conditions. We adopted Sully from a Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue. He had been part of a breeding pair surrendered by the owner who failed to make money on his backyard corgi operation. From what the person who picked him up saw, Sully slept outside on straw with no collar, no toys and no mommy or daddy who make sure he gets his afternoon snack before his nap. He's moved on up (to the east side) and never looked back.

Sully is not just our pet, he is my partner in competition. He has impeccable manners and is in general very reserved and gentle. He has his Canine Good Citizen certificate and two Rally Obedience titles so far. We are now competing at the second level in APDT and AKC Rally and have started dabbling in freestyle (dog dancing).

Sully has a Dogster page. You can visit him by clicking the Dogster button over at the right.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Road Trip-Effingham

We enjoy going on little day trips to nearby towns. Today we decided to venture out to Effingham to check out a flea market. The flea market was bizarre. It was in a mini storage-type building and each vendor rented out a "garage" in which to keep and display their items. There was a LOT of cheap Big-Lots type figurines, several booths with tools (you know, the old rusty hang-on-the-wall kind, not the useful kind) and in general, a TON of junk. But there was one booth that had a WALL of pyrex in every color and pattern imaginable! If I hadn't just gotten some vintage pieces for my birthday, I would have been more tempted to buy some. I did buy a turkey planter for my turkey collection, a couple of Little Golden books (to cut up for the pictures to make greeting cards) and some awesome fabric covered boxes shaped like books. They are going to be my new stationary station! I need a new place to keep all the stickers, cards and paper and these can also function as a portable writing desk when closed up!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

First entry

I've created this blog to keep in touch with online pals and have a place to post about swaps, crafts, corgipants and more.

My swap-bot profile tells you more than you likely wanted to know:
Hi! I'm Jenna! I am 26 and live in central IL with my super-fantastic husband Mike and our houseload of pets. We have a 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Sully, a fat cat named Red Army and a very large goldfish named Roswita. We have no kids and no plans for kids.

I am fond of corgis, ponies, aprons, pyrex dishes, Sanrio/San-X, knit, crochet, kanzashi, miniatures, amigurimi, vintage cookbooks, stuffies, dayplanners, tiny plastic animals and people, picture books, stickers, scrapbooking/cardmaking, vegetarian cooking, and baking (mainly sweets). I work in a library, go home for lunch everyday like the weird kid at school and try to restrain my bulging dayplanner (color-coded and with many post-its). On my off time, I enjoy vegetable and flower gardening, nature walks, obedience training my dog (and volunteering with the 4-H dog training club), and making crafts for my favorite charity, Corgi-Aid! I wear size 18 (XL) clothing, size 10 shoes, glasses and I have pierced ears. I like being early, writing in purple pen, wearing skirts with sneakers, and getting the most lovely packages in the mail thanks to swap-bot and my many buddies around the globe! Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I narrate my life in my head. Mind you, it's in first person so I don't think it's that odd. My dog and I walk every day, rain or shine, and in my head our adventures are legendary. I drive the cutest car imaginable: a Toyota Yaris. I love playing DDR. I have straight teeth thanks to years of orthodontics. I also like stickers, penpals, craft clubs, no drama, chocolate candy and pretending!

My husband and I collect salt and pepper shakers, but only if they are anthropomorphic vegetable people. We also collect food brand icons (Tony the Tiger, Aunt Jemina, etc.) I collect the stickers that come on fruits and vegetables and will love you if you send me a few! Do I know what I'm going to do with them? No. But I keep them in a little book, kind of like a victorian scrapbook. I also really like miniature food like Rement and Megahouse! I don't wear makeup. My favorite color combos are pink/red/orange/yellow, pink/brown, light blue/brown and red/turquoise.

I grew up on a farm outside a very small town. I rode mules, raised show rabbits, butchered (yes, for eating) chickens and other animals, got around in a golf cart, and was in 4-H and FFA. My graduating class was 41 people. I was also on the school paper, in the school play, and on the Scholastic Bowl team. I was not a Mathlete. I have a Bachelor's degree in Leisure Studies. I am serious about recreation!

I do not follow/read horoscopes. I don't like stand-up comedians, tattoos, fireworks, animal cruelty or runny eggs.